Swiss Premium Negoce, a luxury travel and concierge company in Switzeland.

About us

Swiss Premium Negoce is a concierge company based in Switzerland, Geneva, the home of the most exclusive luxury brands in the world, a high-ranking business center and the heart of international organisations.

The company was established in 2011, with passion and enthusiasm by our founders, who have built their career in high luxury hospitality management. With their unique, high-end knowledge and skills, they have created a bespoke company able to fulfill the highest of clients demands.


Through the years the company has established a high reputation by building exceptional long-term relationships, with clients and partners. This has given us access to the most exclusive and unique places available. Offering our services to high VIP clients; corporate and private, governments, international organisations and royal families, gave us the confidence to cope with all your requirements at the highest level.


Our positive, young, professional, and motivated team will always be at your disposal. We are willing to assist you in easing your planning, save you time and make every stay memorable, whether it is for business or pleasure. While being connected with us, we ensure you the best exclusive luxurious experiences centred into the Human.

Swiss Premium Negoce, a luxury travel and concierge company


Thanks to the Covid-19 crisis, the SPN spirit has come to a new birth, a new way of being and a new way of doing. Our novel philosophy focuses on the essential matters while adopting innovation, adaptation and flexibility in order to be able to navigate in clear waters. We are sharing our expertise with passion to our present and future customers through this new SPN IT platform aligned with the new situation.


A professional and tailor-made approach to clients and partners is the key to our success. We cherish sincerity, empathy, kindness and exquisiteness, through which we have created the companys recognisable identity. The power of our intention to deliver the best is our way to build the trust and open up a growth path of infinite possibilities.

Connect with our Values:

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